About Alternative PT

Regardless of your reasons for chosing Alternative Physical Therapy, you can be assured that Lynn’s approach to analyzing and treating your problem will be unique to YOU.  Lynn’s success as a therapist  comes from her ability to see each client where he or she is at as an individual, and  from being attuned to clients’ specific physical, emotional and intellectual needs, while creating the right treatment milieu for  resolving their pain issues or movement dysfunction.

Following are a few scenarios of the types of clients who would appreciate ALTERNATIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY.  You may recognize yourself among them:

Are you someone who has tried traditional physical therapy and/or other treatment modalities (massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.) over time to find relief from your pain or injury only to discover partial or temporary success? Are you frustrated living with a symptom for which you have not been able to find the proper solution? ALTERNATIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY may be for you. Lynn’s uniquely integrative and experienced background bring a truly comprehensive approach to analyzing  your pain and dysfunction. She can the help determine the root cause of your problem and with your participation and collaboration during treatment, help you to gain control and eliminate the problem for good!

Are you someone who is basically fit, in good health and knowledgeable about your body, but wishes you could consult with someone who could help you figure out why you have a particular pain that is bothersome but you don’t feel warrants entering into the the formal routine of physical therapy treatment at an insurance based clinic?

Do you wish there were someone you could consult for a one time session to take a look at your movement/postural patterns with your exercise routines and collaborate with you to learn what changes can be made so that you don’t keep re-injuring yourself?

Do you have stress related discomfort or pain? Lynn can collaborate with you to help you find root causes, be they emotional stressors, occupational, recreational or simply poor mechanics of your work or home ergonomic set-up.