About Lynn Dreyfus, PT

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Lynn Dreyfus, PT

Lynn studied modern dance as a child. Her interest in learning more about human movement was in part inspired by the vocabulary her dance teachers would use as a means of eliciting particular movements from the dancers. Lynn was curious about the science behind these movements and became passionate about blending her experiential knowledge of movement as a dancer with her ability to verbally communicate. This led to her interest in using movement as a means to  helping people with pain and dysfunction learn to begin to heal themselves.

At Ohio State University, Lynn created a Bachelor of Science (1980) in an individualized study program she entitled ‘The Human Body, Movement and Awareness.’ This curriculum allowed her to continue to study dance technique while also learning  anatomy and physiology, and the psychology of movement and emotions. Wishing to further understand the medical aspects of rehabilitation, Lynn decided to become a physical therapist.

Upon graduating from Simmons College in 1985 where she received her physical therapy degree, Lynn began her career at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston working with stroke patients. Since that time, she has worked in a variety of settings ranging from doing home visits with patients of all ages, to working in an outpatient spine rehabilitation center.  Lynn has been working part-time at Mount Auburn Hospital’s outpatient clinic for 10 years.  Her work there has expanded to include patients recovering from cancer surgeries and treatment as well as tending to patients referred for  diagnoses ranging from orthopedic injuries/surgeries, to balance, gait and endurance disorders. She continues working in Cambridge three days a week, while expanding her alternative practice to the Brookline area on the other days.

Throughout her career, Lynn has continued to be curious about the blend of our intellectual, emotional and  physical selves. To further her knowledge, Lynn has participated (and still does!) in continuing education covering many non-traditional growth and healing disciplines. Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, energy healing, yoga, craniosacral and myofascial release among others,  have been key to informing Lynn’s integrative treatment approach.

Lynn is excited to share her knowledge and uniquely experienced background in viewing the whole person, while looking for healing solutions for you!

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