Here are simple tips to deal with the stiffness or pain that comes from sitting or being still too long.

if you’ve been sitting for a while, ‘pump’ your knee joint by gently kicking your foot up to the level of your seated thigh.  Control the rising and lowering of your lower leg.  Repeat this motion 3-5 times on each leg BEFORE you try to stand……AND once that joint is ‘oiled’….follow the procedure below to stand up from your chair, or sofa, or bed,etc.


a)  SCOOT   your butt to the front edge of the surface.  Make sure your two feet are planted on the floor with your whole sole of your foot touching the floor.  Your feet should be just about under your knees, give or take a couple inches one way or the other according to your comfort.

b)  LEAN  your torso over your thighs, as if folding from the hip sockets..get your body weight way forward and use momentum to rise up OVER your feet.  If you allow your head to lead the way, forward and up really quickly, this will pull your body weight directly over your feet, then think of pressing down into the ground with your feet, as you straighten up to vertical.  This sounds complicated, but it is one quick and wonderful move, which helps to eliminate unnecessary stress and tension that we often place on our joints and back as we move.  Because of the beauty of gravity and biomechanics, this really works! TO eliminate stress on the joints and therefore pain.


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