Rates & Services

Office Therapy Sessions


We will review your past medical, exercise and activity history. We will begin to  determine what is causing your problem and the best approach to recovery. Assessment will include  instruction with take-home literature on exercise and/or functional postural training specific to your needs.

Once you have had an initial assessment, together we will decide the appropriate frequency and duration of your follow-up sessions.

Follow up sessions are available in the following increments of time:

60 minute  –  $95 per session  |  45 minute  –  $80 per session  |  30 minute  –  $60 per session

Longer sessions allow for focused manual therapy (craniosacral/myofascial release) as well as time to touch base on exercise program.

If the focus of your treatment is on progressing an exercise program or checking in on ergonomics, then more frequent, shorter sessions may be appropriate.


In Home Therapy
Home visits are available on an as needed basis. Please contact me to discuss your situation if you would like to have home PT or have a family member who you feel would benefit from in home services.


Workplace, Fitness Center, or Community Organization Presentations
One hour group classes are available covering simple to follow instructions with specific info on proper and effective form of exercise and posture for folks with back or neck pain, or other pain issues. Appropriate for senior center or community group, workplace. I am open to talking to you about format of my presentation. It may include individualized attention to members of the group. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact me!


Fitness/Yoga or Dance Center Presentations
I can present to your members or your staff to help problem solve questions about exercise/movement and recurrent pain issues or vulnerabilities that individuals may experience. Please contact me so we can arrange a format that is best for your needs.