• As soon as Lynn saw me, she could tell that I was guarding my injury, which was making my lower back worse. During the intake appointment, she taught me how to improve my posture and gently stretch around the injury to get my muscles to relax. We worked on posture, movement, stretching, and strengthening over the next eight weeks. Thanks to Lynn’s expertise I am off pain relievers, in much less pain, and have a much better quality of life. I would recommend Lynn to anyone who needs physical therapy or who wants to learn how move better.
    Michael Berger is a Web developer at MIT.
  • For almost a year, I have had physical therapy treatment from Lynn Dreyfus, PT. I was suffering from serious body functional, muscular and posture issues that resulted from a complicated oral cavity cancer surgery and post-surgery radiation treatment.Before I started my treatment with Lynn, I had regular PT from many other highly recommended therapists. I was disciplined in my personal follow up of the specific exercises the therapists recommended, but my healing was only temporary. The problems always came back again and again.

    And then I found Lynn. After an initial evaluation, she told me that the root cause of my problem was the tangled myofascias, and the best treatment for me would be Myofascial Release – something none of the previous therapists ever mentioned that to me. Her treatment has made me functional, with some minor issues still left. I feel like a new man.

    Like any other profession, therapists have their level of expertise. Many are okay, some are good, and some are excellent. Lynn’s years of diversified experience, her personalized treatment, her tender-loving kind and caring magic hands, her excellent communication skills, and her compassion are unmatched. Based on my personal experience, Lynn is definitely in the top five percent.
    Satinder Vig is a retired manufacturing manager.

  • I first went to Lynn Dreyfus when I had a bad knee injury. It had happened early in the summer and I finally got to Lynn in early Fall. I was at my wits end after trying everything other than exploratory surgery, but my knee kept swelling up. I was in extreme pain and could no longer straighten my leg. I hobbled into Lynn’s office using a cane and barely able to walk. Lynn had me lie down and she noticed I couldn’t straighten my leg. She did some massage-like therapy behind my knee and said, “Just let it go and let’s see what happens.” Slowly my knee straightened out. I went through terrible pain but the knee kept falling until it was flush with the bed. Then she had me get up so she could see how I walked. I got up and was able to walk pretty much normally for the first time in a number of months. I couldn’t help it, I started to cry. I had been to different doctors including an orthopedist and this was the first time I could finally walk. To me she was a miracle worker.More recently I’ve been back to see Lynn for pain in my shoulders and she helped me tremendously again. What I find special about Lynn’s treatment is she is very intuitive. She has many tools in her toolbox – not just the usual ways of doing physical therapy. She gives each individual their own particular treatment. I would recommend her to anyone!
    Jane Sherill is an artist from Somerville, Mass.
  • I went to Lynn after having a double mastectomy as a result of breast cancer to regain the range of motion in my arms. I had a lot of stiffness due to the scarring of the tissue.  Lynn was very patient, compassionate, informative, and helpful at a difficult time after having major surgery.  She developed an exercise program for me to regain full use of my arms and she used myofascial release therapy to release the tightness of the scarring. She was supportive of me during my time of healing and her manual skills helped to significantly reduce the stiffness and discomfort I was experiencing. I found my sessions with her comforting and reassuring. I also learned a lot about my body as we talked during our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn should you need a caring and capable physical therapist.
    CS is an accountant in Needham, Mass.