Videos coming soon! Call for free consult.

Please continue to watch this space.  In production currently is the first of a series of short videos which will instruct you in a common sense, easy to implement method for correcting some very common postural imbalances that may be the source of pain.  My passion for helping others partly lies in the great reward I see as patients often ‘get it’; the ‘AHA’ in one session,  they correct their alignment and feel immediate comfort. Coming soon will be my first installment of  videos highlighting these simple, but oft misunderstood pearls of alignment wisdom.   Immediate changes you may notice as a result of watching and trying the methods may include decreased low back pain, decreased knee, hip or neck pain.  I am very excited to share the videos with you and aim to get  the first one posted within the next two weeks!  If you wish to learn more about these methods in the meantime, please contact me through email or by phone.  I am happy to consult free of charge with a few emails or a phone conversation.

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